I have been an artist, in one form or another, for over 35 years.


I began my creative career in publishing after graduation from the Illustration program at Sheridan College in 1990. I worked my way up to Art Director, and then Creative Director before deciding to go freelance in 2002. I’ve been an independent contractor ever since, working for a variety of clients across North America and the UK. The work has included a mix of graphic design and illustration projects including; corporate marketing and communications, web design and development, brand and identity design, marketing, information graphics and illustration, 3D visualization and animation, and video design and editing.

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Painting Adventures

Throughout the years, I’ve been a painter as well, but it’s fairly recently that I’ve begun to focus on oil painting specifically, in both the studio and en plein air. As painting alone in the wilds of Alberta can be somewhat hazardous, I’ve slowly been trying to form a local community of artists to join me in my outdoor painting adventures. I created as a focal point for this activity as well as a way to promote the province’s arts community, and to raise awareness and support for the protection of our natural wilderness areas.


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